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What Happened at Rookie Camp?

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It's hard to tell how the rookies did over the weekend. No one was released and all the rookies offered a try out are invited back to the full minicamp in a couple of weeks.

7th round RB DeShawn Wynn had a pulled calf but it wasn't a major injury and he will participate in the minicamp.

This article starts out talking about how QB Ingle Martin will get a lot of time at the minicamp (no surprise) but goes on to mentions a few things that happened last weekend.

Rookie tryout QB John Stocco outplayed rookie free agent QB Jerry Babb, but neither really impressed. Overall Mike McCarthy didn't think it went too smooth, but considering they didn't have a rookie orientation camp last season he admitted that he can't compare this season to last season. Neither item is really all that exciting or interesting, but this is all we've got to discuss.

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