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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that it appears that the Packers are behind Oakland and Tennessee in the running for WR Keyshawn Johnson's services. Actually I'm undecided about him. He was barely among the top 60 WRs last season, WR Ruvell Martin was better than him, and he could hold back WR Greg Jennings' development. However Jennings and Martin would both play a lot next season even if Johnson is signed, WR James Jones would be the fifth WR and allowed to ride the bench until he is ready, and the rest of the receivers could battle it out for the last spot as the kick and punt returner.

The bad news is that Johnson might enter the broadcast booth. It probably is inevitable that he winds up in broadcasting, but at least it could be prolonged for a season or two. He wasn't awful but he didn't add much either to ESPN's NFL draft coverage.