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As much as I want people to read this blog and contribute or start discussions about the Packers, I really keep my topics quite serious. This is a really serious site damnit! But I really don't want it to be all the time.  If I'm not posting stories about A.J. Hawk's wedding then I hope someone will write a diary about it.

Every week I download the SB Nation Sports Report podcast and listen to it during my daily commute. Big Blue Shoe and The Sports Guru are still learning the ropes, but they are good and much needed as ESPN Radio seems to get worse and worse.

A couple of weeks ago they interviewed Will Leitch, editor and head honcho at Deadspin who told them that he got into the sports blogging business because no one in the legit sports world was talking about the saga of Ron Mexico. Leitch explained that sports is just a way for fans to unwind, it's entertainment, and all the major sports media should just lighten up.

I became a Packer fan for life starting at age 10. Before that time I just didn't get football. I still remember watching one of my first Packer games on TV and I was so mad/upset because they were losing to some team they could/should beat and I swore I would never watch them again. My father tried to talk me down by telling me that  if every player just gave up after a loss, then nobody would make it to the pros. I didn't care. They had let me down for the last time! (or until next week). Obviously I forgave them but up until a couple of seasons ago, I was in a real bad mood after every loss. For a whole host of reasons, I don't let it bother me like that anymore.

What I'm trying to do with this site is work out a puzzle; how to put together the best football team. I usually take the serious approach with that mission, but this is entertainment too and I try not to forget it.