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Media 101

This week in the SB Nation small market roundtable, Jimmy at Music City Miracles is discussing media coverage for small market teams. Tennessee is an interesting study for this discussion since they have one of the NFL's most marketable talents in QB Vince Young while playing in one of the smallest media markets. The bottom line by Jimmy:

In conclusion, being a small market has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to media coverage.  The disadvantages are the lack of exposure given to the team and the players on programs such as SportsCenter.  This hurts the players from a recognition standpoint, which keeps them from getting endorsement contracts and Pro Bowl votes.
I don't know if I agree with Jimmy, but I don't know if I disagree either. Media coverage is more national, even international, every year. Off the top of my head, it seemed like San Diego had the most Pro Bowl selections last season and they aren't in the biggest media market. I took a shot at describing how the local media treats the Packers and I didn't like the post and I'm not sure I even agree with what I wrote. ESPN has become unwatchable for me, but I'm more involved with sports than the average fan. This is a subject that I'm still thinking about.