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How You Conduct Yourself

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The best guess at this point is that LB Nick Barnett pushed a woman while at Club Wet. Unfortunately this means that the Packers broke their collective cherry on the PFT Turd Watch. However the real problem, as the Journal Sentinel suggests in the above article, is that Barnett might find himself in trouble with the NFL's updated personal conduct policy adopted recently after the string of high profile crimes and misdemeanors by players finally became too embarrassing for words. Does this new policy really cause problems for Barnett?

Unfortunately we will have to wait to find out the answer to that question. If Barnett avoids a conviction, then he should not face any discipline for his arrest. From the Journal Sentinel:

So now Barnett will have to wait for his case to go through the Outagamie County court and see whether he faces additional punishment from the NFL for conduct detrimental to the league's image.
One of the biggest changes was that discipline could occur even if the player isn't convicted. So even if he avoids punishment for this single incident, a repeat arrest alone might trigger a fine and suspension. He isn't talking and the arrest report isn't available, so developing...