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Brewster Update - End of the Line for NFL Europa

WR Carlton Brewster finished up his strong NFL Europa season although his Berlin team finished a disappointing 2-8. Since the Packers have a lot of possibilities at wide receiver, but overall they lack experience and there are no sure things in the group after WR Donald Driver, it is only good to see one of the possibilities played well when given an extended chance to play against near-NFL talent.

But it looks like that was the end of line for NFL Europa, which had become NFL Germany with nearly all of the teams in that country. The fact that it lost the league only $32 million, while providing valuable training for future NFL players and refs, made it seemed like a reasonable investment. It's likely that the NFL will take a couple years off from international play and restart an international development league, hopefully over a wider array of countries, maybe even into Asia, because of the benefits and the international promotion it provides.