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PFW Rules Our World

My opposite numbers over at Windy City Gridiron and Daily Norseman have been discussing the 2007 NFL preview issue by Pro Football Weekly that came out in May. Here are the projected records in the NFC North:

Chicago - 11-5
Green Bay - 7-9
Detroit - 6-10
Minnesota - 5-11
Here are the team rankings by position:
QB - Packers (B-), Lions (C+), Bears (C+), Vikings (D+)
RB - Vikings (B+), Lions (B-), Bears (B-), Packers (D+)
WR - Lions (B+), Bears (C+), Packers (C), Vikings (D)
OL - Bears (B+), Vikings (B), Packers (C+), Lions (D)
DL - Bears (B), Vikings (B-), Lions (B-), Packers (C)
LB - Bears (A-), Vikings (B-), Packers (B-), Lions (C-)
DB - Bears (B+), Vikings (B-), Packers (B-), Lions (C)
ST - Chicago (A), Lions (B), Vikings (C), Packers (C-)
QB Brett Favre is only a half a grade better than QB Rex Grossman? Kitna is as good as Grossman? Grossman shouldn't be trusted with the practice squad and should rank a lot lower.

There is no way the Packers defensive line is the worst in the conference. Led by Pro Bowl DE Aaron Kampman it is one of the better pass rushing lines in the NFL. There are teams in the NFL with more sacks, but the Packers record almost all sacks by their defensive line. They are as good against the run as Detroit and added DT Justin Harrell in the draft to add more depth.

CBs Al Harris and Charles Woodson continue to receive no respect for their solid 2006 season and are considered only as good as Minnesota and only slightly better than the awful Detroit cornerbacks.

No way the Packers special teams rank a C-. They were D to D- in 2006. Maybe PFW believes the promise of rookie K Mason Crosby single handedly improves them to C-.