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The Return of Berger

Although it sounds like a bad horror sequel, and it is the time of the year for bad sequels, P Mitch Berger is looking to get back onto an NFL roster and has his eyes on the Packers. Berger thinks his experience with Mike McCarthy back in New Orleans might help him land the job in Green Bay.

P Jon Ryan had a mediocre 2006 due to inconsistency and his inability to down the ball within the 20 yard line, but he was still much better then the absolute stiff who punted in 2005. At first it seemed like a bad idea to give Berger a shot because his last great season was in 1999. Minnesota was smart to let him walk away after the 2001 season because he had struggled in 2000 and 2001. He signed for big bucks in St. Louis, but stank up the place in 2002. Although his career seemed practically over at that point, he actually played pretty well in during his three seasons in New Orleans. If he is healthy, then he would be a welcomed addition because Ryan desperately needs someone other than a 28 year old rookie to compete against him.

Since signing Berger would be a low cost signing there is no major risk, but it would seem unlikely that he would be a better fit than Ryan since Berger has never kicked for a team that didn't play in a dome.