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Project Fullback is taking a look at the fullbacks. It is not a group to get excited about. The current starter is returning FB Brandon Miree, who wasn't great in 2006. A solid blocker, but he provided nothing in the passing game. The chances of a fullback providing a running threat in the current NFL is about as likely as the return of the wishbone.

Although FB Korey Hall was drafted in the 6th round, currently FB Ryan Powdrell is second string. He was the starting fullback for USC at the beginning of the 2006 season, but he suffered a gruesome broken leg in his 2nd game. He had four receptions in USC's first game, so he might be a decent receiving threat, but he was undrafted for a number of good reasons. First, he was a JUCO transfer who played linebacker prior to 2006. Second, he was coming off the above mentioned injury.

None of these guys have had much (or any) starting fullback experience so it appears that position will provide little to nothing as a receiving threat. Probably the best blocker will win and keep the job.

The Packers did talk to free agents FB Justin Griffin and FB Terrelle Smith this offseason. It was too bad they lost Griffin to Oakland and great news that Smith preferred Arizona. Cleveland cut Smith this offseason so if you can't make it in Cleveland then you are probably done. However Griffin was allowed to leave in free agency because they wanted to switch to a power running game and signed big FB Ovie Mughelli to make the switch. Maybe Oakland's hoarding of running backs (I counted 10 currently on their roster) will force them into a roster crunch and Griffin will become available again.