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More NFL Europa Action

His team is in the cellar, but WR Carlton Brewster remains among the leaders in NFL Europa stats. His stats have slipped from the early season and he didn't do much in the last game, but his big 20 yard reception on 3rd and 17th was something to hang his hat on. Sometimes players are able to pad their stats with a long 10 yard play when it's 3rd and 11, but it should be considered a failure unless it moves the chains. Brewster is someone forgotten while minicamps move forward and he remains in Europe, but the experience is only good and he might be a pleasant surprise during the preseason. It worked for WR Ruvell Martin.

Vote for Brewster at the All NFL Europa Team site. I only voted for Brewster, former Packers QB J.T. O'Sullivan, and another Packer OG Adam Stenavich. I recognized about six names on this entire list.

It's sort of interesting, like watching an accident on the side of the road, to see how this  league has constantly been changing. If the Amsterdam team folds than it will become NFL Germany with all the teams in that country. I was trying to find out if this league is actually accomplishing something or has a future. Few NFL teams seem aggressive about assigning players to the league and Europe has lost interest with the exception of Germany.