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An Unsurprising Cut

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It's not a surprise, but the Packers finally parted ways with T Kevin Barry. He initially showed some promise at the beginning of his career, but never showed up when Mike Sherman actually gave him a chance. However, GM Ted Thompson gave him a two year deal in March 2006, probably because the Packers were so thin at OL that he felt he needed to keep who he already had, but it was known that they were switching to a zone blocking scheme and keeping a 330 lb. immobile tackle seemed like a bad idea.

After missing the 2006 season with an injury and the drafting of three quality offensive linemen in 2006 (Daryn Colledge, Jason Spitz, and Tony Moll), plus Allen Barbre in 2007, it is time to part ways with the man. Hopefully his release in June will give him enough time to find a home before training camp. Maybe a team that employs a power running game is looking for a giant right tackle.