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The Pride of Northern Wisconsin

Reading through Buffalo Rumblings for his work on revenue sharing (see the post below) brought his preview on Buffalo's safeties to my attention.

42-Jim Leonhard: A lot of Bills fans don't realize how good a football player Jim Leonhard really is. He's not an elite NFL safety; in fact, he's probably not good enough to be a starter for any team. But he is versatile (able to play both positions), smart and tough. Oh, and he's also a special teams warrior. With a little more experience, Leonhard may find himself as the primary backup to both positions here in Buffalo...
With his (lack of) size, Leonhard shouldn't have even made it onto Wisconsin's football team, but he was a star. I had really hoped the Packers would make a play for him as a very late round draft choice or a rookie free agent, but he wound up signing in Buffalo. Once again he is playing great and winning fans over.