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Salary Cap Update

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The Packers are number 6 overall in the NFL in available room under the salary cap. They would have been higher, but they wisely used a chunk of cap room when they signed LB Nick Barnett to a contract extension. Disclaimer - it was a wise move if Barnett avoids his legal problems. The club's co-owner says it was "blown out of proportion" so maybe the charges will be dropped. Hopefully he didn't do anything stupid and the case will be resolved this month.

Anyway, what should the Packers do with all the cap room? They still have to sign the top draft choices so that will eat up a chunk of it. The real problem is that there are few players currently on the roster worth a contract extension after Barnett. C Scott Wells signed an extension last November so he is not a concern. It's too soon to discuss an extension with anyone from the 2005 or 2006 draft class, like S Nick Collins or LB A.J. Hawk. The only guy left is DT Corey Williams and GM Ted Thompson appears interested in keeping him despite the addition of DT Justin Harrell. If DE Cullen Jenkins signed for 4 years and $15 million, with $6 million guaranteed, then Williams would probably want something similar. That's a lot for a projected backup with only one good season. However, it's always good to have defensive line depth. Most likely Thompson lets Williams play out this season and then makes his decision.