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Money For Nothing

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Although former team President John Jones was such a disaster that Bob Harlan agreed to postpone his retirement and find another candidate to succeed him, it is likely that the Packers will pay him for his full three year contract despite the fact that he only completed a little over a year of it. They won't guaranty a player's contract, but do it for the team's executives? Couldn't they save themselves some time and have the next team President sign a standard player contract? Maybe that would count against the salary cap...

At the end of the article, Harlan said that he had at least five people express interest in the job? That's it?

Dear Bob,

I am writing in regards to the current opening in your organization for a team President. Let me express my whole hearted interest in become your organization's next leader. I have taken a life long interest in your company and spent many hours writing about your finished product. I have been an active leader in local professional organizations, I have excellent management instincts, and I've got people skills! Resume and references available on request.