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Will Justin Harrell Holdout?

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The start of training camp is less than a week away. All the late round picks have signed, but the top 3 draft choices have not. If either RB Brandon Jackson or WR James Jones want to start in week 1, then they will have to show up in camp on time. However, it probably doesn't matter if they miss a day or two because both are longshots to start ahead of RB Vernand Morency and WR Greg Jennings. Still, 2nd and 3rd round picks rarely holdout for long.

The real concern is that DT Justin Harrell will hold out. Maybe it isn't much of a concern because he should have a quicker transition into the NFL as a defensive tackle then compared to a rookie linebacker or a player in the secondary. Railbird Central points out that it will be a challenge to fit all 11 picks under the rookie salary cap and that last year's number 16 overall pick signed really late. Maybe the Packers will have to insist on a 6 year contract to spread out the guaranteed money instead of the 5 year contract all the 1st round picks have signed so far. However with Pittsburgh signing the 15th overall pick to a 5 year contract last weekend, it would seem pretty easy to calculate Harrell's contract at this point. As of Monday, only 4 first round picks had signed so the Packers aren't exactly making news by leaving him unsigned until the last minute.