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The Story About John Jones

Unless Bob Harlan comes forward with a tell all story, it appears that Rob Demovsky has the definitive story about why John Jones was kicked out the door as team President. I expected that Jones just wasn't a good man for the job, but his heart problems actually made the situation worse. Demovsky explains all:

A couple of weeks ago, during my annual late June/early July vacation prior to training camp, I ran into a prominent person in the Green Bay community who knows John Jones well and worked closely with him on at least one key project.

In a nutshell, here's what this person had to say about Jones' situation, which ultimately forced he and the Packers to part ways instead of him having take over for Bob Harlan as CEO as originally planned.

Jones, according to this source, had several significant problems before his heart problem surfaced in June 2006. People who worked for him didn't trust him, didn't get along well with him and didn't respect him. Jones took credit for good work done by others and deflected blame when things didn't go well.

However, Jones' heart problem exacerbated his shortcomings because, according to this source, Jones sustained substantial problems following the heart issue because for an undetermined amount of time he suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain, which caused memory problems.
That would help explain what another Packers' source said were "little screw ups around the office" by Jones after he returned to work in the fall 2006.

The bottom line, according to this source, was that even though Jones wasn't universally liked and respected in the organization, there's a good chance he would have taken over for Harlan had his heart problem not surfaced.