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Brandon Jackson Has Signed

RB Brandon Jackson was the one draft choice that had to be in camp on time. Well it is a done deal. I'm not concerned whether DT Justin Harrell will make it in on time because he will be able to contribute right away, at least on a part-time basis, no matter when he makes it into camp. It would be great if WR James Jones participated in the entire camp too, but he is a longshot for significant 2007 playing time no matter when he is signed. However, Jackson might need to start sooner than later because RB Vernand Morency didn't have a great 2006 season. Morency had a good yards/carry average but he had a lot of carries for no gain and too many fumbles. It is possible that Morency struggles early and Jackson will have to contribute full-time sooner than later. With an entire NFL offense to learn in less than six months, Jackson has a lot of work to do.