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James Jones Is Reporting To Camp On Time

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Its good for WR James Jones to get into camp on time, he needs all the practice he can get since he didn't play against a lot of future NFL talent at San Diego State and didn't even start until his senior season, but it still seems unlikely that the rookie will contribute in 2007.

Jones signed a four-year contract with an escalator to increase his earnings if he meets certain statistical goals. In previous drafts, NFL teams weren't too concerned with signing later round picks to short contracts, but after the Washington Redskins began targeting restricted free agents in free agency a few seasons ago teams are signing players to longer term deals to protect them from being exposed in restricted free agency. However, that might not be a legitimate concern anymore as teams now tender higher contracts, which require higher draft choice compensation if the player is lost, to valuable restricted free agents. No team was willing to lose two draft choices, including a 1st round pick, even to sign a running back like Michael Turner who has averaged 6 yards/carry for his career.