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Training Camp Is On!

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Sweet! The first training camp practice for the upcoming season. It's time to feel good and optimistic about the upcoming season. It's not time to read anything into the first practice, so it doesn't matter if second year CB Will Blackmon got torched like a roman candle, because it's just one day. The question to answer is how are these guys playing after a preseason game or two.

Still there were a couple of bad bits of news. WR Donald Driver played through a bad shoulder at the end of the season and it still isn't healed. I can't remember reading anything about that being a problem over the last couple of months. It's possible he was keeping it from the team, but they must have known something was up when he missed the June practices. Obviously without Driver the wide receiver position becomes a big problem. With a full season in Mike McCarthy's system and an entire pro career spent working with QB Brett Favre, Driver probably is the least likely player who needs to practice. Hopefully he can get his arm strength and health back by week 1.

Losing TE Tory Humphries to a broken leg shouldn't be a big deal to the team, obviously it is to Humphries, because he was unlikely to play much in 2007. But the Packers need more options, not fewer, to try and fix the lousy play from the returning tight ends.

McCarthy was surprised that two of his players were out of shape and couldn't pass the running test, but both players, Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly are nose tackles and not exactly players synonymous with conditioning.