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Crisis In The Backfield!

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RB Vernand Morency bruised his knee and the red flags are going up. Now Morency is hurt, although it isn't serious and he doesn't have a history of injury problems, RB Brandon Jackson dropped two passes and didn't look good in pass protection, and RB Noah Herron is lazy. However there is nothing wrong with RB P.J. Pope. I understand that Tom Silverstein has to find a story and he did say there is no reason to panic, but pointing out red flags and a clouded picture is way premature. Morency's knee will be fine and Herron produced very well during 2006, despite his mediocre effort during practice.

But there are a couple of legitimate points here. Probably the biggest problem with starting Jackson in week 1 is that it takes rookie running backs a while to learn how to pick up an NFL pass rush. The Packers don't want to allow any free runs at QB Brett Favre, so Jackson is going to have to prove that he can block before he can receive a lot of playing time. Another thing is that RB DeShawn Wynn has to get on the field. He probably does feel like crap, but he played little during the minicamps due to an injury and he isn't playing so far. 7th round picks only have so many opportunities before they are cut.