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Vernand Morency Is Out

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The real concern at this point regarding RB Vernand Morency's injured knee is that it is all a little vague. Mike McCarthy didn't really want to talk about it. Maybe there is some swelling and maybe there is something torn. Right now it appears to be a problem, but hopefully it isn't one.

Until Morency returns, it gives more reps to RBs Brandon Jackson, who needs it, and P.J. Pope, who still seems like the least likely candidate to make the team. Since it is early in training camp, rookie free agent FB Corey White is getting some chances there too. White was brought in to compete at fullback but admitted he hasn't played there at all. Maybe he has no shot at beating out FBs Brandon Miree, Korey Hall, or Ryan Powdrell. It really sounds like 7th round RB DeShawn Wynn got hit with a stomach virus at really the wrong time, just as training camp was about to start. Hopefully he gets the opportunity to show whether he has potential or not.

The Packers are only going to keep three running backs active and a fourth back on the practice squad. White says the team is looking for a grinder to compliment Morency and Jackson. Usually the team's third running back is a 3rd down receiving back, someone like RB Noah Herron, but maybe they want someone like Pope, White, or Wynn to emerge as a short yardage back to keep instead. Only Detroit threw more than the pass happy Packers did in 2006, so it would seem unlikely that they would keep any bruising running back who can't be a good receiver too.