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Lance Briggs Is Back In Chicago

Despite my hopes that Chicago and Briggs would part ways this offseason, LB Lance Briggs signed his one year contract offer and reported to training camp. He was angry that the team made him their franchise player and vowed to sit out the season. Unfortunately for the Packers he is back.

Apparently Chicago was willing to go on without him. However Mike Tanier said this about Briggs in the 2007 Pro Football Prospectus:

"Briggs certainly looks outstanding when the tape rolls. Against the run, he has the highest Stop Rate of any linebacker with at least 50 plays. Against the pass, Briggs is arguably the best coverage linebacker in football."
Defenses seem to rely more on linebackers in coverage every season since so many  teams now use cover-2 instead of man-on-man. A linebacker who can dominate against the run and in a cover-2 scheme has to be one of the most sought after players in the NFL.