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What To Watch For On Saturday

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Pittsburgh already has one preseason game under their belt so its likely they will come out sharper to start the game. Since the Packers will be playing a vanilla offense and defense there is no point in watching for anything too complicated during the game.

I want to watch how aggressive the lines play. The running game will take care of itself if the offensive line starts opening running lanes. During the scrimmage, it looked like RBs Brandon Jackson and DeShawn Wynn did a good job of not dancing behind the line. Instead they attacked where the running lanes should be and although they weren't always open, every run appeared to be for positive yards. Unfortunately Wynn won't be able to show what he can do because he will be sitting it out due to an injury. On defense, it looks like DT Justin Harrell continues to improve in camp and DT Johnny Jolly is playing well too. The defensive line might be the strength of the team and it will be good to see if they can control the line of scrimmage.

I'm also interested in seeing how the wide receivers play, especially WR James Jones. Who will show good hands and good separation from defenders? It will be interesting to watch Jones because he looked pretty good at the City Stadium practice and during the scrimmage, but was that just a couple of good plays. Another player to watch is S Marquand Manuel, who doesn't appear to have anyone making a serious challenge for his starting job. New Orleans had problems stopping Pittsburgh from making big plays last weekend, so it could be a very good sign if Manuel and the other safeties shut them down.