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First Preseason Game Against Pittsburgh

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I've got nothing right now. I'll write about it tomorrow. If anybody is willing to write about it in the diaries, please feel free to post your thoughts.

The game recap focused on three stories. First RB Brandon Jackson didn't dazzle. Not surprising really considering he's a rookie and it was his first NFL game of any kind. In 2006, rookie 2nd round pick LG Daryn Colledge was so bad against San Diego in the first preseason game that he didn't start again with the first team offense until week 2, but he finished with a strong rookie season. Second the backup secondary was torched. Again this isn't really surprising since they are all pretty inexperienced, and it might be only one or two bad apples. Third is that QB Aaron Rodgers was really impressive. I still have to watch the game to have an opinion on him.