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Atari Is Not Just A Video Game System

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This is a really good opportunity for S Atari Bigby and it will be good to see him get more playing time. He had a very interesting preseason game at Pittsburgh. He was involved on two big plays, and one near big play, but appeared to be trying to save a busted play instead of actually blowing the coverage.

First was a long incompletion that Pittsburgh WR Nate Washington should have caught. He beat CB Patrick Dendy, but Bigby came over from the middle of the field and almost made the play. On the TD reception by WR Walter Young, it appeared that Young ran right by LB Tracy White who was supposed to cover him and while Bigby did miss a TD saving tackle on Young, he was the only player actually made a play on him. Finally WR Santonio Holmes got deep and away from whichever corner was supposed to be covering him, but Bigby was there to make the tackle and could have broke up the pass if it had been underthrown.

After one game, it looks like Bigby might be a step to slow in his reaction, but maybe it was a great effort on his part just to make it back into the play. Hopefully he has more opportunities this preseason and we can see whether he really is a potential starting safety.