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It's Favre Bashing Season

Football Outsiders has a post about the Journal-Sentinel article when Mike McCarthy said that he wants Favre to be more careful with the ball and complete a higher percentage of his passes. It's an obvious comment for McCarthy to say because all coaches want this from their quarterbacks. I threw a post in the thread pointing out that he's been pretty consistent over the last nine seasons, and used some material from Pro Football Prospectus 2007 itself to backup my point.

He arguably had the best season of his career as recently as 2004 (64%, 30 TD, 17 INT), and it probably made a big difference that he was playing with a veteran offensive line, with a Pro Bowl running back, and two great receivers (Driver and Walker) for the only time in his career. He's had a lot of good receivers (Sharpe, Brooks, Freeman, Driver, Walker) to throw to over his career, but rarely did any of them play together for a full season at a high level of play. The point is that a quarterback can't carry an offense all by himself, and Favre is just as human as the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL in that he needs a good supporting cast around him.

I was surprised to see so much love for QB Aaron Rodgers on the original post from Ryan Wilson. Rodgers looked good overall, but it was just a preseason game and he also had some real bad passes that he shouldn't have thrown.