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Can You Name The Backup Linebackers?

I mentioned earlier this week that it was surprising to see rookie 6th round LB Desmond Bishop playing ahead of LB Abdul Hodge in the first preseason game, but apparently Hodge's injuries are a problem. He had been injury prone in his first two seasons, but apparently they might cut his career very short.

The starting linebackers all deserve to start, appear to be healthy, and should have a great 2007 season. But depth is always a general concern. It did seem like Hodge was a going to be at least a great 4th linebacker in 2007 and hopefully one or two other players would step up to provide some depth. LBs Rory Johnson and Juwan Simpson looked like a two promising undrafted rookie free agents who were among the leaders in tackles in the SEC last season, but Johnson can't stay healthy and Simpson seems to have fallen way out of favor. As the above linked article mentioned, undrafted free agent LB Spencer Havner has gotten a lot of playing time, but hasn't done much with the opportunity. Special teams ace LB Tracy White hasn't looked good when playing on defense and while Mike McCarthy has specifically mentioned that undrafted free agent LB Tim Goodwell is playing well, he hasn't done much either. Right now there doesn't appear to be any good options behind the starting three.