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Bunches of Injuries

It seemed like the team was staying relatively healthy, but there are few walking wounded. I'm really bummed about WR Shaun Bodiford since I would like to see him become a special teams ace and make the team. DE Mike Montgomery had been playing well in the preseason before his injury, but he's done that the last two preseasons only to show nothing come the regular season. FB Ryan Powdrell looked like he had a good chance at becoming the starting fullback after getting off to a hot start in the minicamps, but he's done little in the preseason. LT Orrin Thompson had been given an opportunity to show he could play left tackle in the NFL, but he didn't look good against Pittsburgh and OL Junius Coston looked pretty good at tackle against Seattle after playing a lot of guard last season. Coston probably stays as the backup along with rookie LG Allen Barbre and OL Tony Moll.