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11 Angry Men

Hopefully they aren't too angry, but the Packers released 11 after the Jacksonville game.

Poor FB Erryn Cobb, he was cut just a couple days after being signed and I didn't see him at all for his one preseason game.

Most of the other players, WR Carlton Brewster, QB Ingle Martin, and LB Juwan Simpson, received their first extensive playing time this preseason against Jacksonville during the 2nd half when the Packers were outscored 21-3. Martin never looked good at any point and killed his last chance with an INT returned for a TD. Simpson had a good college career at Alabama, but he had some injuries early in camp and didn't show anything during his one chance vs. Jacksonville. That's not fair, but that's how it is. Brewster had a couple of good returns and at least one reception, but there are several receivers playing well for the last receiver spots.

OL Pat Murray and TE Joe Werner were real long shots, but I'm disappointed that DE DeVon Hicks play more. Hicks has been injured the last few weeks and hadn't been able to show something to the coaches. With DEs Mike Montgomery and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila hurt right now, he would have had some opportunities but he couldn't take advantage of it. Hopefully he gets another shot somewhere in the NFL. Same for RB P.J. Pope who required knee surgery at the beginning of training camp and could have had a shot at making the roster if he had been able to play, but RB Corey White has been taking a lot of carries that could have gone to Pope. P Ryan Dougherty hadn't looked too bad, but P Jon Ryan had been kicking better.