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Fantasy Football

Twelve of the SB Nation NFC football bloggers got online tonight and drafted our 2007 fantasy football teams. I was one of the biggest homers because I drafted six Packers. They are all backups on my team, but I got QB Brett Favre, RB Brandon Jackson, WR Donald Driver, the Packers defense (actually they might start), and K Mason Crosby. Although Crosby is still no lock to make the team, he has looked slightly better than K Dave Rayner and I expect he'll win the job. Still it would not be disappointing if Rayner keeps his job and hopefully GM Ted Thompson can trade Crosby and recoup the 6th round pick used on him.

The biggest homer of our draft JScott of Buc 'Em who drafted WR Maurice Stovall but then finished off his draft with WR David Boston. At least Stovall might start in Tampa, but that was probably the last time in fantasy draft history that Boston will be drafted.