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We Are All Day-To-Day

There are a lot of banged up football players in Green Bay. It seems like every other player is bothered by a bad hip or knee or back or something, and it's hard to tell the serious injuries from the precautionary injuries. The most concerning injuries are all the guys hurt at tight end, but Bubba Franks and Zac Alcorn's injuries aren't serious and the likely starter (Donald Lee) has remained injury free.

The worst injuries are the ones keeping guys on the roster bubble out. Undrafted rookies LB Rory Johnson and DE DeVon Hicks have to show something to the coaches and they can't do it on the sidelines. 7th rounders RB DeShawn Wynn and TE Clark Harris are two other guys that the Packers won't go out of their way to keep on the roster if they can't stay healthy.