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Walking Wounded Update

Three starters are hurting; CB Al Harris, WR Greg Jennings, and RG Jason Spitz. Four if you think RB Vernand Morency will be handed a starting job ahead of RB Brandon Jackson.

I thought Harris didn't used to play on special teams, but I wasn't 100% sure and it turns out he didn't used to. Now it looks like it was a mistake. The good news is that Harris came back after the injury to tip away a pass in the end zone that might have changed the outcome of the game. So it looks like he might be able to play through the injury.

Mike McCarthy is playing it very safe with Jennings to avoid a repeat of last season when he came back too soon from an ankle injury. If he felt able to do that with Philadelphia, then he should feel free to sit Jennings again at NY Giants. Dallas' wide receivers had no trouble getting open against New York's cornerbacks in week 1, and they shouldn't have any better luck with WRs Ruvell Martin or James Jones.

Spitz got hurt against Philadelphia, but he had been hurting most of the preseason too. OL Junius Coston had a solid preseason, so the difference between the two players isn't great anymore and a healthy Coston is probably better than an injured Spitz. No need to rush him back either.

If Morency was healthy he still could have done better than Jackson did against Philadelphia. It still doesn't sound like Morency's knee is healthy, so I can't imagine him helping at this point.

This isn't an injury, but it was real disappointing to not see 1st round DT Justin Harrell play. He was left inactive, and it looks like he will stay that way for the near future. DT Johnny Jolly was basically the other starting tackle, playing just as much if not more than DT Corey Williams. I completely forgot to mention that Jolly was outstanding against Philadelphia, not really trying to rush the passer, he sat back and batted down about 3 passes.