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You Think That's Bad, Let's Talk About The Giants

The Packers are working around some injuries, but the Giants are in real bad shape. Obviously QB Eli Manning's status is the top priority, but losing starting RB Brandon Jacobs and DE Osi Umenyiora are major losses too.

Depending on which report is reliable, Manning could play next week or is out for a month, so now idea on how that will turn out. If the hefty lefty (QB Jared Lorenzen) has to make his first NFL start, then that is obviously a huge advantage for the Packers.

The Giants seem determined to use a four man pass rush, so losing their best pass rusher (Umenyiora) will either kill their pass rush or force them to rework their defense. Either way it would work to the Packers advantage.

Losing RB Brandon Jacobs is probably the least of the Giants concern. Their offensive line played pretty well and backup RB Derrick Ward should start a fantasy stampede this week.

Despite all the bad news for the Giants, the Packers still have a game to play. The Giants offensive line looked solid, giving Manning time to throw and opening running lanes for Ward. With WR Amani Toomer back from an ACL injury they have three solid wide receivers along with one of the best receiving tight ends. Their run defense is still pretty good, and probably better than Philadelphia's, so the Packers have to get their offensive line back on track. They should win it, but they can't take them lightly despite all their injuries.