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Preview: NY Giants vs. Packers

No one person or group was responsible for the poor pass offense against Philadelphia last week. Favre overthrew receivers, but his receivers didn't do a lot to help and the porous pass blocking left Favre running for his life on several occasions. However, last week the Giants defense was ripped apart by Dallas and QB Tony Romo. Their secondary didn't play well and their pass rush was nonexistent. If Favre and his offense can't pass against the Giants, then they have a lot to work on during the season. It sure won't help that there are two injured wide receivers. WR Carlyle Holiday looked good in the preseason and WR Chris Francies isn't as good, but that really isn't a major downgrade. It is really frustrating that WR Greg Jennings is still out with an injury. It feels like we've been waiting most of his career for him to get healthy so we can see how good he is.

It would be great to see RB Brandon Jackson come alive and dominate, but the Giants still have a good run defense and the Packers offensive line's struggles last week don't inspire a lot of confidence yet. It might be a couple more weeks, I don't expect much success against San Diego next week either, until we see real improvement from the running game.

With the injuries to QB Eli Manning and RB Brandon Jacobs, this should be a great opportunity for the defense to take control of a game. If QB Jared Lorenzen plays, then there is no way to to predict how their offense will play since he's never played in the regular season. Assuming he is good or Manning is able to go, the Packers defense should be able to play well against them. The Packers pass rush and physical secondary should be tough on the Giants, and despite WR Plexico Burriss' huge game against Dallas, he remains a streaky receiver and is just as likely to go into a funk as dominate a game. The weakest part of the defense remains the run defense, but starting backup RB Derrick Ward should weaken their running game.

If plays by the special teams result in 10 points, as they did against Philadelphia, then this should be another Packer win. However, that isn't too likely to happen since their great performance had a lot to do with bad decision by the Eagles. Still the unit looks a lot better than last season and is off to a great start.