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Packers 35, NY Giants 13

I was unable to watch or tape the game, so I've got little to say about the big win.  The first three games are the toughest part of the 2007 schedule, so far they are 2-0, and a shocked San Diego team is coming to Lambeau next week after they got clobbered by New England.  

One thing that stood out was that QB Brett Favre threw more completions to backs and tight ends than wide receivers.  Last season, the offense seemed focused on the wide receivers. RB Ahman Green had a big reception total, but everything else seemed to go to the top 2 wide receivers in each game. It felt like it was totally up to WRs Donald Driver and Greg Jennings to make anything happen in the passing game.

Versus the Giants, Favre spread the ball around and had one of his best games in the last three seasons. Maybe it's a sign that the offense is opening up and it will become a lot harder to stop. Or it could be a sign that the "cardboard cutouts" playing at outside linebacker for the Giants are some of the worst in the NFL.