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San Diego's Offense Sucks

What the hell is wrong with San Diego's offense? I'm trying to figure out why their offense has gone into the tank so far in 2007. Their first problem is that QB Philip Rivers isn't playing well and had three turnovers against New England. He only had 11 turnovers (9 INT and 2 fumbles lost) for all of 2006, and he thinks it's the little things:

I don't think we have anything that's dilapidated or that's broken -- I threw in a big word there. I don't think that's the case. I think it's here or there. That's just the game. Little things that cause the breakdown or cause not getting a first down or cause an interception. It is that fine line.
Next is up is concern that the offensive line is underperforming and the wide receivers are bad:
The offensive line has not lived up to their dominant nature, and has been unable run the ball effectively. As for the receiving corp, they have been extremely disappointing. I had high hopes for that group, and I might have crowned them too early as the best group in the division.
RB LaDainian Tomlinson thinks that it was a result of playing two tough defenses, Chicago and New England:
"The first two games have been tough," Tomlinson said. "I didn't expect to run up and down the field on either team. I knew it was going to be hard yards to get out there. That's what happens when you play two really good teams."
The last culprit is new head coach Norv Turner:
The Chargers offense utilizes many two tight end sets and will often times have two backs in the backfield. All this does is play exactly into the hands of the defense. When the entire offensive is lining up inside the box, the defense is going to have a much easier time keying in on the one man who can hurt them most; LaDainian Tomlinson.
Their offense has been as bad as it seems this season. According to Football Outsiders, after the first two games of 2007, they have the 5th worst offense, but it was the best offense outside of Indianapolis in 2006 and it only takes one week to get your confidence back. This is the same offense it was last season. Maybe they are having some trouble adjusting to some things Turner does differently than previous offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. The first two games of 2007 should be ignored at this point, San Diego remains a dangerous offense, and it won't be a surprise if they start having a lot more success soon, despite the excellent Packers defense.