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Favre Is Under Control

Peter King started off this week's column about QB Brett Favre's trip into the juvenation machine:

His coaches told him last spring to be less Favrian, less daring, and he's doing that. Against the physically imposing Chargers, he had two negative plays -- two sacks, no interceptions -- while throwing for 369 yards and three touchdowns.
I read the same thing back in the spring; McCarthy tells Favre to take better care of the ball. It's true that he hasn't thrown any dumb interception yet, but I don't believe he's turned over a new leaf. He's still the same gunslinger and we are only looking at three games. Compare Favre v.2006 to v.2007 after three games: Favre's stats are almost exactly the same. Maybe next week Peter King can focus on the real story, that talk of Favre's demise has been overblown for the past few seasons, and that the Packers defense and special teams are much better.

Year Comp. % Yards TD INT Fumbles Lost
2006 59% 850 6 3 0
2007 64% 861 6 2 1