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The Outlook At Running Back

The best news is that rookie RB Brandon Jackson is back at practice, feeling fine, and cleared to play on Sunday. He looked really good this preseason and is the team's best running back, whether RB Vernand Morency is healthy or not.

Assuming Morency is still hurt and out on Sunday, Jackson would play on every down, with RB DeShawn Wynn taking over on some series. Then RB Ryan Grant will play only if something happens to Jackson or Wynn. Since Jackson and Wynn have both showed promise as runners this preseason and Jackson has looked good as a receiver (Wynn should not be asked to catch anything) the running back position is looking good heading into the season.

It was surprising that GM Ted Thompson gave up a 6th round pick for Grant. I expected he would give a conditional pick for him, and when Morency comes back Grant would be released and no draft choice would actually be traded. Now it looks Grant will stick with the team for the season.