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Chatting Up Rob Demovsky

He has been one of the best writers covering the Packers this preseason, and he answered some questions yesterday. I would have to say I strongly agree with all of his answers and I can't say I disagree with any of them.

One really interesting point he brought up was how starting S Atari Bigby and releasing S Marquand Manuel could really help S Nick Collins. He didn't say that Bigby would be great in coverage, but he can't be worse than Manuel and I wonder how much of Collins' mediocre 2006 season was due to helping out Manuel in deep coverage. Another problem for Collins was that LB Brady Poppinga struggled early last season in pass coverage, and even LB A.J. Hawk had some rookie problems. Now that Poppinga and Hawk are much better, and he is playing alongside Bigby instead of Manuel, this might be a big season for Collins.