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Will Blackmon Has A Thumb

Although CB Will Blackmon's broken thumb is in a cast and will still allow him to play cornerback, the Packers are not going to let him field punt or kick returns. If he can't field kicks cleanly, then this is the right move, but it sucks that he won't be available for it. CB Tramon Williams had one good punt return during the preseason and didn't make any mistakes on the rest of them, but he isn't a return threat like Blackmon. CB Charles Woodson was fine as the punt returner in 2006, but he didn't prove to be much of a threat either. RB DeShawn Wynn might have returned a kick or two during the Tennessee game, but I can't clearly recall him.

Of the several players given the chance to return kicks this preseason, Blackmon was clearly the best and the special teams won't be as good without him.