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Hours Left To Go

According to WFRV the weather looks pretty typical and shouldn't be a major factor in the game.

Mostly Cloudy, High 34°, Low 25°
There hasn't been a whole lot going on since Thursday because there was no practice on Friday. The overnight snow Thursday night required some shovels, but that shouldn't make a big difference on Saturday.
Player Pos. Injury Thursday Participation Friday Status
Nick Barnett LB Hamstring Limited Probable
Will Blackmon CB Foot Limited Questionable
Greg Jennings WR Groin Limited Probable
Koren Robinson WR Knee Limited Probable
Corey Williams DT Hamstring Limited Probable
Charles Woodson CB Toe/ Knee Limited Probable

No one confirmed if Mike McCarthy is sticking with his "we're healthy as hell and we're ready to go" comment, but it's probably still accurate. This is the shortest injury list all season. The only player listed as questionable is CB Will Blackmon and team did fine without him for most of the season. His absence won't have a big impact because CB Charles Woodson will again play through the injured toe that has been bothering him since Thanksgiving and, as McCarthy says, the depth in the secondary is good and healthy:

Tramon has done an excellent job, Frank Walker has done a good job when he's in there. Jarrett Bush is healthy again, so he finally looks like himself here last week and throughout the practice this week.

Get excited! Everything about this matchup is in the Packers favor as far as home field, good health, rest, etc. goes. Plus they clearly were a better team this season, the 13-3 vs. 10-6 regular season records alone make that point clear. The Packers have to do what they've done all season long on offense and defense, while avoiding the turnovers and special teams mistakes that hurt them in the three losses, and this will be a big day.