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Mike McCarthy's New Contract

Jay Glazer says Mike McCarthy is getting a new contract. He did a great job this season and after GM Ted Thompson recently got a new extension, it only makes sense that McCarthy is rewarded too. He should remain the head coach for a good while longer.

Glazer also has one other understatement about McCarthy:

The team's GM Ted Thompson actually took some heat for hiring McCarthy.
I was livid when Thompson hired McCarthy. One losing season for Mike Sherman and he's thrown under the bus for some guy who's last job was coordinating arguably the worst offense the NFL has ever seen in the 2005 49ers. His job before that was offensive coordinator of an overrated team in New Orleans. I wrote about it a lot if you dig back through my archives. McCarthy had a good 2006 season, but it was a major concern that the offense really broke down over the last few weeks of the season. The team managed to win the last four games because the defense was playing out of their minds, but the offense took a big step backwards. Instead McCarthy has done a great job in 2007 and I was wrong wrong wrong about him. He's a great head coach.