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Preview: NY Giants at Green Bay

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I'll go into more detail throughout the week, but I wanted to debunk one myth that everyone will hear a lot this week. I'm just glad I don't have to spend the week explaining why QB Brett Favre's 0-9 record in games at Dallas is not a big deal.

QB Eli Manning and the Giants play better on the road! They are 9-1 on the road this season so it must be true! Even DE Michael Strahan believes it:

"I think as a team we seem to perform better on the road," Strahan said. "I didn't know we won eight in a row. That's a great thing, because when it's the playoffs, if we're going to go as far as we want, we have to win every game on the road."

The difference is who they played on the road vs. at home. 5 of the 10 (including playoffs) teams they played on the road had losing records (Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo). They only played 2 teams with losing records at home (NY Jets (it's counted as a home game) and San Francisco). The combined records of the teams played on the road (I'm counting Dallas twice as if they were two separate teams) is 78-82 vs. 76-52 at home. Using Football Outsiders DVOA stats, the average opponent DVOA on the road was 0.17%, and at home it was 7.28%.

They still beat two good teams on the road during the playoffs, but that 9-1 road record overall is overrated by all the bad teams they played on the road this season.