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Talking WIth Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy spoke with the press after the Giants won. It was the usual praise of his players and the next opponent, but I'll mention a couple items:

(Your last two games have been very impressive. Are you playing your best football now?)
We played our best football game yesterday as a football team, if you take away the two plays on offense. Clearly our best football game that we've played since I've been here, and that's important. This is when you want to play your best football. Detroit was a very good football game for our football team, so we need to carry that momentum, that standard, into the NFC Championship game.
Beating Detroit while they were going through the motions in week 17 is one thing, but the way they beat Seattle after spotting them two early touchdowns was impressive. There is a lot of standard praise there, but they couldn't be playing any better.
(How good was your offensive line against the Seahawks?)
They played very well. Can't say enough about the individual performance from Mark Tauscher. He played very, very well. But the run-blocking unit, I mean, they graded out with pluses across the board. Just very pleased with the effort. Ryan made excellent decisions throughout the game, did a great job on the second level and with that we had the big day in the rushing. The pass protection, I know we had the one sack on the scramble, but the pass protection was excellent too. They played very, very well yesterday.
Tauscher shut down Pro Bowl DE Patrick Kerney a week after his big game against Washington, and I didn't feel I did enough to praise him after the Seattle game. The offensive line probably had their best game of the season last week, and Favre had plenty of time to pick apart the secondary.