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Adrenaline Crash

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The Packers side of my brain is still crashed after the 23-20 loss on Sunday. I don't want to talk about free agents, the draft, Favre's return in 2008, what the team can do to improve next season, or even the bikini girls. The team is overall healthy, ready to play some football, and I want to talk about this team. But 2007 is all over.

In the meantime I'll drown my sorrows by watching the 11th ranked Wisconsin Badger basketball team although their narrow three point win tonight against 5-14 Michigan was way too close. SB Nation badly needs a Wisconsin college blogger if anyone loves Wisconsin college sports and feels the urge to write about hockey, hoops, and basketball.

One more positive note about Sunday's game was that it was the most watched NFC Championship game in 11 years since the last time the Packers hosted an NFC Championship game against Carolina. Way to show up Packer fans.