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Nothing Like Philadelphia

The first thought I had when QB Brett Favre threw the interception against the Giants that set up their game winning field goal was that it was just like the playoff loss in Philadelphia four years ago. The 4th and 26 was a different part of the meltdown, but what really set up the loss was an interception by Favre. It was their first offensive play in overtime and Favre heaved a pass 30 yards down the sidelines, into double coverage, and he was picked off. It was a low percentage pass, and a really bad decision.

Against the Giants, Favre's pass wasn't a bad decision. He had WR Donald Driver in single coverage and no pressure in his face, but in cold cold weather his pass missed by a few feet and CB Corey Webster made a good play on it. It was a bad pass, but it wasn't a bad decision like in Philadelphia.

Here's the video, if you can stand watching it. It still makes my stomach turn.