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Losing The Bean Counter

The Packers announced that VP Andrew Brandt is leaving the organization. It wouldn't seem like a big deal, but he's been in charge of the salary cap since 1999. He was well regarded and given a lot of credit for straightening out the Packers cap mess earlier this decade when Favre's big contract, combined with big contracts for underperforming or injured players like DE Joe Johnson, DT Santana Dotson, DT Cletidus Hunt, and WR Antonio Freeman put a lot of strain on the cap. The Packers cap is a lot better now because the team is so young with recent and cheap draft choices, plus GM Ted Thompson hasn't signed many big free agents. Apparently Brandt was overlooked when the Packers appointed a new team President, but he's obviously a smart guy with a diverse background and probably is truly looking for something different to do. I doubt he'll look long for a job and probably has something in mind.

I doubt this has a major impact on the Packers. I would expect Thompson has a pretty clear understanding of the cap, something that probably couldn't be said of Mike Sherman. Still I would imagine they'll be looking for a new cap guru soon since Thompson won't want to waste his time crunching too many numbers.