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McCarthy and Favre Are Winners

Mike McCarthy did say:

I don't think I'm going to be able to watch the Super Bowl, just for the fact that I'm going to be traveling to Hawaii, conveniently.
But when an NFL sponsor (Motorola) sponsors an award for NFL coach of the year, I'd imagine the league office insists that you make a trip to Phoenix to pick up your award. He didn't end the season on a high note, but neither did the other finalists - Del Rio, Gibbs, or Tomlin. The only finalist with a chance at finishing the season with a win is Belichick.

The league office even insisted that Favre travel to Phoenix to accept his FedEx Air Player of the Year. He probably didn't deserve to beat Tom Brady, but the fans have spoken. Despite the question about his retirement, it has been a (thankfully) light topic this season.