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Starting G Junius Coston Is Out

This isn't too surprising because he could barely walk after last week's game vs. Detroit. Losing G Junius Coston for the season with a strained calf is a blow, on one hand, because he did step up this season and move ahead of G Daryn Colledge and G Tony Moll. Ironically Coston has been in the NFL a season longer than both Colledge and Moll yet he is still younger than both of them. Colledge has struggled at times this season, but he's played well when he's been given the opportunity to play since then, so it's not a big drop off and there is still some depth on the line. T Orrin Thompson was signed off the practice squad to replace Coston, and is an interesting player with great size at 6'6" and 322 lbs. Unfortunately he didn't play great in the preseason. Hopefully he has improved during his time on the practice squad, he is making the transition from college defensive lineman to the offensive line, and is playing better now if a crisis hits and he is needed.