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NY Giants 24, Tampa Bay 14

I didn't watch this game because it seemed unlikely that either team would get past Dallas next weekend to have a chance at playing the Packers. Still there were some interesting lessons from this game.

  • First, turnovers kill. The fumbled kickoff return and the QB Jeff Garcia interception in the end zone cost Tampa Bay at least 6 points, maybe 10. Doing whatever it takes in pass and punt blocking protection and avoiding turnovers should be a top priority this week in planning.
  • Second, pressure the QB. Most of what I saw from this game was the ESPN highlights, but every time QB Eli Manning was making a great pass, he had little pressure in his face and was able to step up in the pocket to make the throw. The Giants offense was inept for much of the game, they had six possessions that were three-and-out, but they looked good when Manning had time to throw. On the flip side "the biggest reason they won was because their defensive line absolutely, utterly dominated the Bucs' offensive line."